Micro Apps, Dancing and Vlogging are some of the things I love, and for 30 years I have been creating greenfield technology that helped companies I work with becoming leaders in their space.

★ I built seven microservice applications in twenty hours at the Freelancer.com hackathon using my klueless.io static application generator with full test coverage. - Dec 2018

As a chief contributor to the successful delivery of several leading cloud enterprises and next-generation applications, I have always loved the science and the art of software development.

I feel most at home in funded startups or scaleups, but also happy to work in a corporate team explicitly looking to bring start-up methodologies into the enterprise.

I generally see myself as an application architect who focusses on DDD patterns, Micro Services / Apps and BDD testing.

My personal belief is that all business software is the same if viewed from the perspective of patterns.

I am a hands-on developer because I love it. I’m comfortable with Full Stack, Headless or Serverless architecture. I also enjoy the role of mentoring developers.

I am technology agnostic, and a lot of my focus is on understanding the technical landscape of the IT industry. I have a keen understanding of business need and strategy that is often missed by developers.

My current role is leading a team of 5 developers in SCRUM with an emphasis on mentoring junior developers to become professional developers with a regular review on SOLID, DRY and BDD code.

Additional skills include marketing, specifically storytelling, social media and video influencer marketing.

klueless.io – Static app generator that builds headless and serverless micro-apps using DDD models and with full coverage unit testing so developers can just add customizations. I utilised this tool recently at the Freelancer.com hackathon to create seven microservices in twenty hours.